Retro Bowl Game Review

Retro Bowl is an incredible, entertaining game that provides hours of gameplay fun. Thanks to its unique gameplay and graphics, it has quickly become one of the best-selling apps on the App Store.

At first, it’s essential that you prioritize winning games and earning coaching credits. Once your first full season ends, you will earn three coaching credits that can be applied towards improving the worst facility on the field.


Retro Bowl Unblocked 911 is the football game mobile gamers have been waiting for! It packs all of the front office and roster management components of real sports into an accessible, quick-play package for easy comprehension.

Matches involve players controlling a single player from each team and moving them down the field in an attempt to score points by passing or running into their opponent’s end zone. A player’s skill level ultimately dictates their success on the field; however, facilities upgrades may also help increase team performance in certain aspects.

An exceptional kicker can make all the difference for field goal or extra point attempts, while an upgraded training facility enables star players to gain experience faster. The game offers many different players including quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and tight ends with their own set of unique skills, potentials and salaries; for newcomers it is recommended to start on Easy difficulty until comfortable raising it further.


This game’s graphics harken back to classic 2D videogames, while its retro soundtrack adds another dimension of fun and intrigue. Newcomers to gaming may find its simplicity inviting; perhaps even addictive!

During matches, contestants are represented by small rectangular shapes with matching color schemes reminiscent of old electronic video games such as Tecmo Bowl. You can see teams maneuver around borders and audiences with mechanical precision.

Real-time team management in this game allows you to incorporate aspects of managing an NFL group, such as trading and cutting players, authorizing free representatives, maintaining morale, composing players, trading them back for newer ones and maintaining morale. There are multiple fictitious teams with distinct characteristics and levels of difficulty so this game should appeal to football fans and mobile gamers alike; its simplistic yet engaging fun style will keep users coming back time after time! This title proves once again how game addiction often comes down to more than realistic or complex features alone!


Retro bowl is an engaging football game that allows players to manage and build a dynasty from scratch. It is an engaging mobile football game which is easy to get into but difficult to master.

To control the game, you can use the touch screen to swipe players across the field and throw. There’s also a button on the right side that allows you to press to throw. Furthermore, you can pause/fast forward/view replays of individual plays as needed.

Practice your timing when passing the ball – timing can make or break a play! Additionally, experiment with bullet passes, which require more precision due to their unique arc design; these should only be used sparingly as there’s no guarantee your receiver will catch it. An update for Retro Bowl recently enabled control via bluetooth controllers for added fun!


Retro bowl is an enjoyable and engaging gaming experience that’s both engaging and addicting, regardless of its flaws. Its popularity serves as a reminder that games don’t need to be complex or realistic in order to keep players coming back for more.

One of the key attributes that makes this game great is its user-friendliness in managing teams. Instead of managing an expansive 53-man roster, this game restricts them to up to 12 “star” players (QB, WR, TE, RB and OL), with any remaining spots filled by replacement level players.

The Star System measures each player’s potential based on their attributes, while also determining their cost in coaching credits in the market. A salary cap is also an integral feature, while just like real franchises, team morale and fan support can influence a player’s ability to play; when morale drops below Poor, performance declines in games significantly.

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