The Best Sites For Reading Manga

Manga comics are beautiful works of art that leave audiences speechless, captivating all those who experience them and making fans drool with envy. A must-see for any manga enthusiast!

My reading manga can provide a great way to pass time during long plane journeys or while waiting in line at DMV offices, providing free entertainment that doesn’t rely on having access to an internet connection.


MangaFox website is one of the top manga comics platforms available, featuring an expansive library that spans across a variety of genres and is regularly updated. Furthermore, users can keep an eye on their reading progress in its finished manga section as well as use its user-friendly user interface for quick navigation.

This website offers a range of free manga comics that you can read. There is something here for every genre, such as action, adventure, romance and fantasy comics. Plus it has an active forum section so that readers can discuss comics they are reading with one another!

Another great feature of the site is that it enables you to save any comic to your bookmarks for quick and easy access at any time.


Kissmanga was an immensely popular manga website offering comics from all genres and allowing users to keep track of what they had read, but unfortunately was recently shut down due to copyright claims. While not as well-known as its sister site KissAnime, Kissmanga still had plenty of content available for consumers to access.

This site offers various genres for readers to select, including horror, fantasy, drama and romance books. Users can create lists to keep track of where they left off in each series they are reading – and can even share these lists with their friends!

This website is completely free to use and features a search bar to assist readers with discovering new comics by genre. Furthermore, the “finished manga section allows them to track their progress over time.


This site offers an expansive library of manga comics across different genres and is updated regularly to stay current with newly released comics. Accessible from multiple devices, this service also helps reduce pop-up ads as a distraction and offers readers a pleasant reading experience.

The website boasts an attractive and intuitive user experience, and is easy to navigate. Furthermore, readers can post questions and voice their opinions through its community tab. Finally, its lightning fast loading speed makes it an excellent alternative to Mangastream.

Manga fans will adore this website for its vast selection of manga comics that will keep them engrossed for hours! Additionally, its search bar makes finding specific comics simple; in addition, users can keep track of their progress using their list of completed mangas.


MangaKatana is one of the premier sites like Manga for reading comics online, featuring an intuitive user experience and expansive selection. You can add comics directly to your library and bookmark them so you can return directly where you left off; additionally, this service also offers smartphone access when needed.

MangaStream is another highly recommended alternative to MangaKatana, boasting an expansive library and regular updates that makes it ideal for serious manga fans. Furthermore, its comprehensive tracking functionality enables it to log which comics you have read so they can be saved offline for later reference.

Anime Fever offers free online comics in an intuitive user interface without lagging or buffering, supporting various languages, and is easy to navigate.


Manganelo is an online manga reader for Android that makes reading manga incredibly straightforward, offering users easy navigation through an attractive yet straightforward design. Every manga comes complete with a short description below its cover image as well as chapter lists that can be accessed by clicking. Furthermore, readers can interact with one another via Facebook comments tab in order to discuss and exchange views about stories they are reading.

This site features manga genres such as action, romance, comedy, horror and sci-fi as well as a forum component where fans can discuss theories and crossovers.

Manganelo offers an intuitive user-experience and is one of the premier sites for reading manga online for free. Offering an expansive library, Manganelo makes an excellent alternative to subscription services.

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