The World Collage offers a Different Understanding of Community

The World Collage offers a Different Understanding of Community

Most of us think of community in terms of the people we interact with at work, church, or neighborhood. The community of believers, which has a more expansive perspective on the world but is nonetheless a community in which we do not personally know the members, might help us feel as though we are a part of it if we attend church. As my involvement in online ministry has grown over the past few months, I’ve felt a sense of community.

I was surprised to find puzzles and artwork based on “World Collage” when I decided to look up the term for fun. Photographer Guy Shachar made a stunning collage with images from Israel, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, India, Austria, France, England, Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

Since beginning an online bible study in June of last year, I have gotten to know a beautiful mosaic of priceless people worldwide. A huge blue marble that was once just a marble has evolved into what I like to refer to as a “World Collage”—a jumble of this and that from all over the world that is, in every sense, my community. I’ve prayed with them, interacted with them online, and even used Google® street view to stroll down their street. Indeed, how times have changed!

This modification affects how we view ourselves as well. Despite being a resident of Florida and an American, I now consider myself a global citizen thanks to my World college perspective. My neighborhood includes distant countries that I have never been to. We can now communicate with one another thanks to the internet. A global social revolution is currently taking place that is altering where and how commerce is conducted and how individuals interact with one another.

As global citizens, we can harness the potential that comes with the planet’s depletion. I don’t need to rely on the news to stay current with Pakistani happenings. Through Skype and Facebook, my Pakistani friends keep me informed about the needs of the most recent flood victims. I have access to writings, songs, essays, and videos created by people like me worldwide. These new contacts provide the opportunity to understand and respect diverse cultures and lifestyles.

Currently, I’m concentrating on what I declared true in a sixth-grade art project in 1966 when I had no idea how significant it would turn out or that I would one day consider it a pivotal point in my life. “Love Conquers All… Peace Will Come,” the saying states. We can bridge the gap between what is real and what the so-called elite of the world would like us to believe is true through the interpersonal connections we create in this World of College. Through our ability to effectively promote peace, we have the potential to alter the course of the planet significantly. I’m hoping we can use this power wisely for the good of all.

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