What is ParentPay?

ParentPay is an online payment system designed to make school meal payment and activity payments easier and faster for parents, using secure card processing technology and meeting all international security standards.

Parents can pay online or with PayPoint cards at local stores displaying the ParentPay logo, adding money directly into accounts assigned to their children.

Easy to use

ParentPay is a safe and simple way for parents to pay for school meals, trips, uniforms and other items on behalf of their child(ren). Parents can top up their child’s account online or at PayPoint using a unique username and password – providing fast payments without children having to carry cash around with them at school, which could potentially pose safety risks.

ParentPay Login allows automatic payments for recurring expenses like school lunch or bus fares, which saves both schools and parents time and effort in managing administrative tasks. ParentPay can even be integrated with schools’ management information systems (MISs) for maximum efficiency; additionally, its Medical Tracker feature offers secure recording of first aid incidents.


ParentPay is a safe online payment system which has transformed how 11,000 schools in the UK collect fees for meals, uniforms, trips and clubs. Parents can track payment histories as well as set up automatic payments for ongoing expenses using ParentPay.

At the start of each school year, parents will be invited to set up their ParentPay accounts using a unique login and password, enabling them to pay online for school meals, milk deliveries and excursions using either their credit or debit card.

ParentPay also offers parents who prefer not to use the internet a plastic payment card that enables them to make cash payments for school meals and trips at convenience stores featuring the PayPoint logo in cash transactions recorded by ParentPay; refunds can then be requested through “My Account” area of their site.

ParentPay uses state-of-the-art technology to process debit card transactions securely and ensures your details never end up stored by either school or company.


ParentPay provides a secure online platform that enables payments for school meals, trips and clubs without cash being brought to school by children and reduces the risk of missing payments or misplacing payments altogether. Parents can view transactions and running balances for larger value items through ParentPay’s user-friendly platform. Children no longer have to bring cash with them which eliminates carrying cash into school and keeps payments organized and safe from being lost or misplaced by students.

ParentPay and schools do not have access to your card details and all communications with banks are encrypted so no one can read them, while ParentPay employs a team of information security specialists available 24/7 for any assistance with any queries that arise.

As soon as your account has been activated, an activation letter with your unique username and password will arrive; be sure to keep these safe for future logins! During activation you’ll have an opportunity to change them so they are more memorable – for parents with more than one child at our school this feature makes linking accounts simpler as it creates one login for all their children!


ParentPay makes it simple for parents to see exactly where their money is going and engage more closely with the school they are paying for; thus increasing engagement and understanding about why their fees are being collected in the first place.

The system also enables parents to easily track their payment history and set up automatic payments for recurring expenses, saving time for staff while decreasing paper waste from payment card transactions. Refunds can also be quickly and efficiently issued back onto parents’ payment cards.

This service is highly flexible, enabling schools to accept payments for school meals, trips, clubs, wraparound care fees and exam fees – among others. PayPoint outlets allow schools and parents to make cashless payments as well. Thousands of schools now go completely cashless which eases administration for both parties involved – not to mention online booking for events such as parents’ evenings.

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